• A great place to get married – under the arbor arch.

    The cottage on a sunny day
  • A shady spot on a hot day to enjoy a view of the garden

    The patio out front
  • Wine/Breakfast bar with guests Ashley and Ethan

    Great Room
  • Hope Cote Hotel where Juliette grew up. Picture taken around 1954. Her parents are standing with the staff in the dining room prior to a wedding reception.

    Hope Cote Hotel
  • WEDDING-RECEPTIONS –                    Tips and Ideas on Wedding Receptions – how to save money 1. Are you bringing wine to your reception? Put the ice in the ice hamper/bucket in large plastic bags so the labels do not get damaged and you can return unopened wine. 2. Offer a buffet instead… …Read More

    Wedding receptions
  • A wedding and reception in front of the cottage.

    Inn Cats
  • Great Restaurants in Staunton Yes, even small little Staunton has some wonderful places to eat!  Try Zynodoa – one year voted the best restaurant in CHARLOTTESVILLE! A hopping place with great ambience and that Staunton vibe with locals there too.  http://www.zynodoa.com/ Another one to try is Aioli which has a perfect bar to sit and… …Read More

    Great Restaurants in Staunton