• Getting your pumpkin to last longer

    Getting your pumpkin to last longer – things you can do to preserve your pumpkin for a longer time:- AFTER hollowing out your pumpkin- 1. put a gallon of water with 1/4 cup of bleach in it into the pumpkin and swirl around for a few minutes. Obviously if it is a small pumpkin reduce… …Read More

    Getting your pumpkin to last longer
  • The Six Best Flower Arranging Tips

    THE SIX BEST FLOWER ARRANGING TIPS 1. Use filtered water or at least let water stand in a jug 24-36 hours before using to get rid of the chlorine. 2. For drooping flower heads (especially from Florists) try putting bottom 2-4 inches of stems in VERY hot water for 15-20 mins.  This really perks up… …Read More

    The Six Best Flower Arranging Tips
  • Relaxation

    Chat by the fireplace in our cozy great room. Wonderful spot for reading and afternoon tea.

  • Inn Cats

    What English cottage would be complete without some resident cats? Meet King Lear!

    Inn Cats
  • Hope Cote Hotel

    Hope Cote Hotel where Juliette grew up. Picture taken around 1954. Her parents are standing with the staff in the dining room prior to a wedding reception.

    Hope Cote Hotel

A little piece of England, right here in Staunton!

Enjoy a unique atmosphere with all modern conveniences. Inside is made for your comfort with free WiFi, robes, air conditioning, private baths, flat screen TV, cable, phones, chocolates and bottled water. Your pet is welcome with PRIOR notice for an additional $15 fee per night.